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Poster Design for Pinar & Viola's Exhibition Blue Jeans On Thin Ice at KK Los Angeles.


“Obama owns a pair of jeans, us too. And anyone can also own a gun.” – P&V

European multi-media artists Pinar&Viola are having their debut show in the US and they’re coming out with a bang. Their show “Blue Jeans On Thin Ice” is an interactive installation that shines a light on the handgun violence issues we face in America. They will create a dome and shooting gallery entirely out of denim and people will not buy the art, but shoot with a rifle to win it. The prize, or artwork in this case is a custom made denim teddy bear. They’ll have a total of 62 teddy bears symbolizing the amount of mass gun shootings that occurred in the US since the year Pinar&Viola were born.

Pinar&Viola state: “We find it such an imminent, important subject and we are surprised that due to the traditional narrow-mindedness of the country and the established gun companies that the country keeps on failing to take action.”




Art Direction | Design | Photography
Production | Videography