Creative Studio for Visual Communication


Development of a Corporate Identity

(inlcuding logo, website, letterhead,
social media channels & photo content)

for lawyer Joy Richard Fatoyinbo.


The unique combination of typographical and pictorial elements is the perfect digitial incarnation of the classy but stylish law firm JRF Legal. The embedded capricorn gives the logo a personal note and represents character traits of the owner.

Social Media Channels 

The Instagram account is a balanced combination of tinted, moody shots of objects of inspiration for Mr.  Fatoyinbo and b/w photography of him, his associates and clients giving insight into the firm’s work.
It was necessaty for the client, to personally be in full control over the account, which this strategy made possible.


JRF Legal’s website is a reduced but strong visual representation of the firm’s corporate identity within intellectual property law: The perfect set up for high quality content.




Art Direction | Design | Photography
Production | Videography